Hometown Heroes with Paul Loeffler airs every Saturday at
1 p.m. on Fresno, California's KMJ 580 AM.

With a different veteran of World War II featured each week,
Hometown Heroes is a free-flowing journey back in time,
complete with music from the 1940s. The purpose of the
program is threefold:

1. To honor the service of men and women who joined 16
million other Americans serving in our military during
World War II.

2. To preserve for posterity the memories of those
veterans, and their unique perspectives on the history they
experienced first-hand.

3. To inspire current and future generations of Americans
to live up to the legacy of service and sacrifice that our
"Greatest Generation" has provided for us.
July 18, 2009: Murrell Twibell - U.S.S. Enterprise
August 22, 2009: George Heimbuch, ex-Prisoner of War
August 15, 2009: Irwin Stovroff, ex-Prisoner of War
August 8, 2009: Bill Moore, Navy Lighter Than Air program
August 1, 2009: Moe Rana, USMC - Tinian
July 25, 2009: LaVern Mack, Signal Corps, and author Lisa Spahr
ARCHIVES - under construction
August 29, 2009: Live from KMJ Lifestyle Expo with WWII veteran authors
September 5, 2009: Joe Rivas, 104th Infantry Division
September 19, 2009: Jot Horne, USS White Plains
October 3, 2009: Walter Smith, 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion,
AKA "Triple Nickels."
July 3, 2010: Maury Nyberg of Kingsburg, CA. Fire controlman on USS Jenkins
(DD-447) during World War II.
June 19, 2010: Bill Gilbert of Kingsburg, CA. US Navy signalman aboard
USS Martin (DE-30) and USS Banner (APA-60)
June 26, 2010: Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive. Linda Laurie and KMJ listeners on
the effort to honor the end of World War II with an annual day of remembrance.
June 5, 2010: Remembering D-Day with audio from June 6, 1944
July 10, 2010: Glenn Schmidt of Folsom, CA. Browning Automatic Rifle-man with
the 242nd Infantry Regiment of the 42nd Division. Prisoner of War at Stalag IX-B.
May 22, 2010: Veteran Luis Arceo, and professor Dr. Gary Rice and student Kue Lee
of the Central California War Veterans Oral History Project at Fresno State.
May 15, 2010: Julio T. Barela of Las Cruces, NM. A survivor of the Bataan Death March.
May 8, 2010: Colvie W. "Bud" Bedford of Fresno, CA. LCVP coxswain, USS Lycoming.
April 17, 2010: Jake Missakian of Fresno, CA. 801st Engineer Aviation Battalion.
April 10, 2010: Wayne Thompson of Clovis, CA. Radar navigator bombardier, 379th
Bomb Group.
April 3, 2010: Charles D. "Mac" McMullen of Fresno, CA. Became a prisoner of war
while serving with the 106th Infantry Division
March 27, 2010: Len Ross of Fresno, CA. Served with the 1st Marine Division in the
Pacific before a trailblazing career in the world of junior golf.
March 20, 2010: Howard Nielsen of Delano, CA. Marine Corps pilot in the Pacific.
March 6, 2010: Lee Whitehead of Mt. Shasta, CA. PV-1 Ventura pilot
March 13, 2010: WASPs Violet Cowden and Deanie Parrish
February 27, 2010: Jim Botkin of Dinuba, CA. Served on the USS Sterett.
July 17, 2010: Dr. William Paschal of Wichita, KS. Scout, later medic, with the
397th Regiment, 100th Infantry Division. Prisoner at Stalag IX-B, Stalag IV-F.
July 31, 2010: Bill Crumpacker of Fresno, CA. Fought with the First Marine
Division on Tarawa, Saipan, and Tinian. Wounded on Tinian.
August 7, 2010: Winston Handwerker of Fresno, CA. P-47 pilot 111 missions
with the 310th squadron of the 58th Fighter Group in the Pacific.
August 14, 2010: Peter Rondero of Clovis, CA. Served with the 5th Marine
Division, wounded on Iwo Jima.
July 24, 2010: Adolfo "Harpo" Celaya of San Jose, CA. Survived the sinking of
the USS Indianapolis on July 30, 1945.
August 21, 2010: David Fusinato of Fresno, CA. 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine
Division in Battle of Okinawa.