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May 15, 2010: Bataan Death March survivor Julio T. Barela of New Mexico.
Barela was working on a searchlight crew at Clark Field in the Philippines when
the Japanese attacked. He and so many members of the 200th Coast Artillery
became prisoners of war, suffering through what would become an infamous war
crime, the Bataan Death March.
Bataan Death March Memorial in Las Cruces, NM
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Bataan Death March Wikipedia page
This montage gives you a glimpse of Julio
Barela before becoming a prisoner of war,
after he was captured, and even today.
The photo at right is of the Bataan Death
March Memorial in Las Cruces, the only
federally-funded monument to the men
who suffered on the march. For more
photos and captions relating to Mr.
Barela's story, visit the
Hometown Heroes
Facebook page.